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New COVID-19 Policies

No-show/Cancel Fee - $75


Since many of our patients over the last few months have needed to be rescheduled, and we have reduced our schedule availability, it is more important than ever to value your appointment slot.  If you do need to cancel, please do so within 48 business hours. That will grant us more flexibility in filling your time with someone wanting to be seen. 


In an effort to maintain social distancing and patient safety, please do not bring any family or friends with you during your appointment.  If you need a driver, we ask that they wait in our vehicle. For pediatric exams, we ask only one parent to come with the child unless you have multiple family members getting examined at the same time. 


Our office has offered retinal photography (Optos Daytona) for many years. Most of our patients already elect this service. It can often take the place of a dilated fundus exam (checking the health of the back of your eye). This is highly recommended at this time, as it also allows us to evaluate your ocular health with more distance. Please consider this elective service for your next comprehensive exam.


We ask all patients to text us copies of their insurance card(s), update their information via Intake-Q, wear a face mask, and answer screening questions prior to their visit. Your temperature will be taken before your exam upon arrival.

Thank you so much for understanding and assisting us during these crazy times. 

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