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Patient Testimonials

"As the parent of an autistic child, it becomes something of an ordeal most times to get him to cooperate during doctor's visits. This is in large part due to the manner in which he is treated, the rotation of medical personnel that are assigned to him, and the environment that he's subjected to. At Eyecare on the Square, various members of the staff introduced themselves to my son in order to establish trust, and addressed him in a manner that wasn't intimidating or terse. Any and all procedures were explained directly to him in ways taht he was able to comprehend, and every effort was made to put my son's mind at ease that they were new friends that were there to help him. Each member was exceptionally courteous and friendly, and the facility has a sleep, modern look that helped to calm my son. He tends to become overstimulated with a multitude of bright colors in his surroundings.

In summation, I could not have been happier with the experience that we had at Eyecare on the Square. In my experience, it's something of a rarity to find a medical office that left me feeling confident that I've made the best possible choice for my son's health. I simply cannot recommend them enough!"


"I just wanted to take the time to tell you how thankful I am that I have the privilege of calling you my eye doctor!! And my sister was also appreciative and impressed on what a great doctor you are.  She said you were so good it was hard to believe she had never met you before when her and her husband walked out the door they felt like they knew you for ever!! You are so special and I think you have such a great future ahead of you! You rock it, girl. We love you and are so glad we can call you our doctor !!!! Thank you for all you do!"


"Wow! Dr. Cartwright educated me as to why it was important to get your eyes checked and she was right. Had I not gone, I would have not realized I had some things to look out for. On top of all that, she has the most wonderful personal touches to how she handles her customer experience including a lovely interior and friendly demeanor. Highly recommended."


"For my first trip to the optometrist, Dr. Cartwright made it a wonderful experience. The office is beautiful, the assistants are very friendly and knowledgeable, and everyone made me feel very comfortable in a potentially uncomfortable situation. Dr. Cartwright did a great job explaining everything without making me feel like a dummy dumb, and I left the office knowing more about myself and my future vision.

All these years I thought I had perfect vision with random unexplained headaches. Now I know I'm slightly far sighted, and some reading glasses can remedy the work computer headaches.

As much as I don't like doctors, I'm looking forward to my next visit to Dr. Cartwright and Eyecare on the Square."


"Eyecare on the Square is a great place to go for all your eye care needs.  Dr. Carwright and her staff are all extremely knowledgeable as well as caring and welcoming.  The office is cute and clean and inviting.  The location is great and scheduling is always convenient and easy.  Her equipment is state of the art and her selection of frames and lenses is outstanding.  She has been following my glaucoma for several years now, and I can say that she cares way more about my eyes than I do.  She truly keeps me on my toes making sure that I am following her care plan and recommendations.  You can't go wrong choosing Dr. Cartwright & Eyecare on the Square!"


"The office is beautiful. Seriously, it's epic pretty.

The location is amazing (Mariemont Square? Yes, please!).

The easy parking around back.

The Doctor- amazing!!

Dr. Cartwright is Happy, upbeat, and welcoming.

The customer service is stupendous.

Jen was delightful and engaging.

The eye exam was thorough, and comfortable.

I've taken myself and my child.

I've recommended friends & coworkers; its that good.

The experience, was pleasant, pleasing.

And well orchestrated.

If you're looking for an optometrist - you should go.

You wont be disappointed by the staff, the service, or the experience.



"This place is simply amazing! When I first walked it I immediately felt comfortable when offered coffee and water, and the receptionist greeted us with a friendly and smiling face.  The office is decorated so beautifully and it is in the hear of Mariemont which is a bonus!    I was very nervous going into my first exam but Dr. Rose made me feel so comfortable making sure I was ok an explaining each step to me so I felt less anxiety about it!  I highly recommend both Doctors!!!!"


"I have been wearing glasses and contact lenses for over 20 years. During that time, I have been seen by about 10 different optometrist all over the country. Dr. Cartwright's exam was the most thorough I have ever had. She explained every step in the process and was able to identify potential problems with my eyes that have been repeatedly overlooked by other optometrists. Stephanie and Cat's amazing customer service and friendliness helped ensure that I will be a customer of Eyecare On the Square for life. I am extremely happy with every aspect of my visit and highly recommend them."