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Turn The Heat Up!

Hot compresses are a fantastic at home treatment for dry eye and chronic styes... but a warm washcloth doesn't always cut it.  We normally recommend 5-10 minutes of heat twice per day.  If you have an active stye, four times a day would be better.  The at-home treatment helps prolong any in-office therapies you receive. 

We carry a couple different heat options.

One is a microwaveable, reusable mask.  Be careful! These suckers get HOT.  You microwave them for around 30-40 second, but always check to see if they are too hot before applying them to the super sensitive eyelids.  If you don't have a microwave, if you travel a lot and can't access a microwave, or if you need a longer heat, we also have an "XL" option.  This includes snappable, reusable hot packs, little "socks" to moisten and place around the hot packs, and also freezable cool packs. The snap heat packs are simply boiled to reset.  Whatever your needs, we can find the answer!

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